Train smarter by joining our boot camp classes! We use a unique and powerful 6-step process that is designed to give you a well-rounded, challenging, and full-body workout. This includes a proper warm up to reduce risk for injury and a regenerative cool down to help you recover faster!

We use the following 6 step process

to help you make changes.

Tissue quality

Goal is to create soft and supple tissue, increase circulation, break up adhesion’s as well as scar tissue, etc. We use the following tools to help create this: foam roller, acupressure, LAX balls, Tennis balls, massage sticks, manual manipulation, myofascial scrapers, and more.


We have specific exercises designed to increase thoracic spine mobility, shoulder mobility, scapular mobility, ankle, and hip mobility. Customized for each clients needs.

Dynamic warm-up

Specific exercises and movements designed to stabilize the weak muscle groups, warm-up the muscle groups that are going to be worked that day, increase CNS stimulation, increase core temp, and prepare the body for the work to come.


Exercises focused on stabilizing and strengthening targeted muscle groups utilizing all of the tools available. We customize this based upon clients wants, needs, and directions.

Core work

Abdominal training focused on anti extension, anti rotation, stabilization, and lumbar spine support.


Repeat tissue quality work as well as Meridian Stretching (eccentric stretching). This is beneficial as it increases range of motion (ROM) associated with specific areas of adhesion’s and limited ROM. It also helps to limit the soreness factor and speed up the recovery process.

Frequently asked questions

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Body Balance starts with the belief that everything is connected. We start by looking at the global picture of how your body is ordered and balanced, how your body moves, and how one issue can lead to problems elsewhere. This helps us look strategically and systematically at the root cause of any pain, dysfunction, or areas holding you back from performing at your best. This approach allows us to not just treat pain, but also to help you move better to make sure this pain never comes back. You will spend your entire session one-on-one with your therapist - no machines or assistants.

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Group fitness is a great way to meet your goals. Our staff can help you start a program using the correct protocols and identify areas that are weak. Therefore, avoiding a potential breakdown in the system, maximize your efforts and minimizing the time necessary to achieve those goals. Whether you are new to exercise or looking to improve upon your current routine, group classes are a great way to achieve that new found you! Book now, and let us help you achieve your goals.