Posterior Chain Strengthing

Aug 31st, 2017

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Posterior Chain Strengthing

Importance and Corrective Exercise

Today’s life can be hard on us and sometimes you need to reset. Too much screen time and driving time creates a situation where we are in a constant state of flexion. Too much flexion can cause posture issues and back pain. Therefore, it is important to counterbalance this constant flexion. By using the surfboard complex, you can start to pull you back into extension. Posterior chain strengthening is so important for not only a healthy back, but healthy shoulders. The video below is our variation on the Beiring-Sorenson Back Test not only for strengthening backs but also for strengthening and stabilizing the shoulder girdle. Keep your feet flexed and toes touching the floor to reduce the amount of internal pressures exerted on your spine as determined by Stuart McGill in Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance.

Video: Body Balance Back Test for Posterior Chain Strengthening & Recovery


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