Meridian Stretching

Meridian Stretching & Flexibility System

  • is a revolutionary technique that empowers you to stretch and strengthen your body through the simple use of resistance
  • is also known as Resistance Stretching or Meridian Flexibility System
  • shatters the false myth that muscles become more flexible simply by elongating muscles, holding the stretch for whatever period of time, and breathing into the stretch

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training (RFST) teaches you that:

  • in order to get a true gain in flexibility, you must continuously contract the target muscle group while elongating it
  • a muscle is only truly flexible to the point where it can continue to maximally resist while being lengthened
  • stretching without continuously contracting a muscle produces a false range of motion known as substitution, and ultimately results in over-stretching and injury
  • stretches can be reversed to provide strength training to the same muscle group

Resistance Flexibility & Strength Training (RFST) can be performed:

  • at any time and any place since no equipment is required
  • alone using self-stretches or with other person(s) using assisted stretching techniques
  • alone by the stretcher resisting against his/her own body, the ground, a wall, or other props


Meridian Stretching at Body Balance