Boulder F.I.T. Spine Chiropractic Care


Dr. Sean Burkhardt | Doctor of Chiropractic at Boulder F.I.T. Spine Center.

Dr. Sean Burkhardt, Doctor of Chiropractic at Boulder F.I.T. Spine Center

First Chiropractic Adjustment Only $20.00

At Boulder F.I.T. we believe that life should be experienced, not just lived, and movement plays a crucial role in that. Physical and emotional stressors can hinder our movement and create mental fog. Therefore, we strive to optimize nervous system integrity by restoring quality movement patterns, re-establishing the mind-muscle connection, improving your self-awareness to ultimately enhance your ability to function, and minimize the risk of injury. Since we want you to continue to do the activities you love, we know that chiropractic care can help you do that!


What to Expect

Your initial consultation and exam are designed to assess the cause of your dysfunction and FIND their sources. By doing so we can then determine effective treatment protocols, optimize treatment programming and ultimately decrease your treatment time. The way we see it, three sources exist as the potential CAUSE of your problem. So, it is imperative for us to determine the correct SOURCE in order to stop the cycle.


Our Process

Our process is simple:

  1. Remove Pain
  2. Restore Mobility
  3. Re-train Movement Literacy


Thus, ultimately restoring the body to functional independence.

You keep moving, so we will help you MOVE well and MOVE forward. That being said, chiropractic care and movement training must be seen as a required healthcare and not an alternative therapy. Therefore, our goal is to make chiropractic accessible and affordable to all.  So, we strive to build relationships, customize treatment and deliver wellness plans to optimize your health. This includes being efficient in sessions while monitoring new patterns and progress in your health, because we believe in keeping wait times minimal. In addition, we accommodate walk-in visits at your convenience.


Contact Info:

Phone: 720-722-0701