Hopper Testimonials

Nicholas Hopper is an exceptional trainer and coach!

He has incredible knowledge in the science of human performance along with great skills in building customized approaches to helping his clients reach their specific goals. I had struggled with some painful injuries and was faced with having to give up some activities that were really important to me. Nicholas helped address the root cause of the problems and put me on a program that built me into a stronger, more resilient, healthier athlete!

Importantly, Nicholas really cares about his clients and is committed to their success. He strives for continual improvement for himself and others around him. I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done to get me to a better place. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Buddy Ketchner

Former President and CEO of the Sterling-Rice Group

Boulder, CO



I started training with Nicholas in July 2014 in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Nick assessed my current level of fitness and challenged me but avoided working me so hard I would become injured. He moved me along without ever feeling I had an “easy” session. Nick closely monitors posture and form continually getting me back on track if I slip up.

I was happy with my improved strength, balance and flexibility when I decided I wanted to lose weight. We discussed my goals and Nicholas created a healthy diet and exercise plan. He has taught me to hold myself accountable, not settle for “good enough”, be willing to fail, pick myself back up and never stop believing that my mind and body are worth the hard work and discipline it takes to accomplish my goals. I have lost 48 pounds over the past 17 months and feel great.

Nicholas is a natural leader who is knowledgeable, inspiring, brutally honest, passionate, and is 100% committed to living a healthy lifestyle. If you are serious about reaching your goals Nicholas is the trainer for you.









My name is Holly Varga.  I want to share my fitness journey with you. Technological advances and cultural messages in the last 30 years played far too great an influence in my life. I became addicted to processed foods, fads that promised to turn things around and the comfort of the computer age that kept me sitting all the time. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle became my new normal. I dreaded physical activity. Three years ago I got a major wake-up call. Fractured upper metatarsals on my right foot that developed a life-threatening staph infection landed me in the care of several doctors, health care providers, and physical therapists for over three months. Once I got the go-ahead for more activity, all I could think about was getting to walk around on my own mobility. I had been bed-ridden and wheelchair bound for too long.

I needed to lose weight to improve my health, but this alone was not what I needed to become fit and happy. After two and a half years of hard work with Nicholas I have learned how to do life different and I can now celebrate because my overall health has been radically altered. I can also encourage you and others that it really is all worth it. Some of my milestones are 145 pound weight loss, the omission of nine chronic disease medications which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, acid reflux, and depression/anxiety.

I love my new life with lots of movement, hard work and fun, not just in the gym but outside it as well. Most of all I send a big shout out of gratitude to Nicholas who deserves a lot of credit for keeping me from death’s door. Nicholas, you stuck by me through all the challenges, bad attitudes, and just plain not knowing what I was doing. You deserve a medal.








I have had the privilege to train with Nicholas Hopper for period of time. Throughout this duration, he and I trained two to three times a week in which he discussed the appropriate measures for mobility, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. Furthermore, Nicholas provided dietary guidelines that were both successful and refuted social norms/typical myths that are correlated with nutrition. As a result of Nicholas’s work, I increased my fitness, lost 27 pounds, and improved my overall lifestyle

Tim Vahle