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Nicholas Hopper, owner of Universal Performance, uses an analytical approach to deliver scientifically sound training programs that are progressive, customized, and safe. His primary career focus lies in the realm of performance training along with weight management and injury treatment. Individual, couples training, group classes, and online/phone consultations are available.

Originally from Illinois, Nicholas moved to Colorado in 2001 to pursue career and life opportunities. He attended University of Colorado Boulder and earned a degree in Human Physiology. His studies ranged from Chemistry to Neurophysiology, Biomechanics, as well as an independent study in Biomechanics under the tutelage of Dr. Roger Kram. Nicholas also served a six year term in the Marine Corps reserves where he completed leadership courses, earned the rank of Sergeant, and an honorable discharge. Throughout his collegiate and Marine Corps tenures, Nicholas worked with a corporate fitness chain for 13 years where he held management positions, acquired business skills, and serviced over 7000 training sessions. Nicholas has grown up with athletics and employs a side career in Mixed Martial Arts and grappling tournaments.

Certifications/Supplementary Education
Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM
Personal Trainer NASM
Sports Fitness Specialist NASM
Performance Enhancement Specialist NASM
Weight Lifting Coach USAW

8 Hour Fascial Tissue Release Workshop





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